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Dr. Dara Berry is a native Texan who has been practicing in Austin since graduating from veterinary school in 1995. She has extensive experience in emergency medicine, internal medicine, geriatric care, wellness care, dentistry and surgery.


She started her housecall practice in 2010 in order to help reach the dogs and cats who often wouldn’t otherwise get healthcare, and to be able to spend more time with her patients and clients. Seeing pets and their families in a relaxed home environment, she is able to better assess her patients' individual needs and challenges, which allows her to tailor therapy to each pet.


Dr. Berry believes that it takes longer than a traditional 20 minute appointment to listen, examine, diagnose, discuss, treat and bond with a patient. Housecall visits generally last an hour or more, which gives her time to know and love your pet, and to know you better, so that she can help guide you in making medical decisions. She now specializes in geriatric palliative care, end-of-life consultations, hospice care and, when appropriate, in-home euthanasia. While this is emotionally difficult work, Dr. Berry believes the greatest help she can give is to relieve the suffering of the pets we all love so much.


Dr. Berry is the proud mother of a Pit Bull Mix named Mayweather (the best dog ever), two wonderful cats named Dulci and Niner, and  two human boys.

Sometimes the

smallest things

take up the most

room in your heart.

 — Winnie the Pooh

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